WANG Ni, architect.

Born in Chengdu in 1984, WANG Ni graduated from the University of Sydney, Australia with a bachelor's and a master's degree in architecture. In 2013, she founded Atelier About Architecture, presided over the architectural and interior design and renovation projects including the headquarters of China Resources University in Xiong'an, W House, Apartment 55, The Dog House, among a few others. The atelier was successively selected in 2015, 2017 and 2019 in AD100 by Architectural Digest China. WANG Ni is committed to exploring the enlightenment on modern life from the interaction between Eastern and Western civilizations, and to extracting the beauty of everyday life to transform it into a synesthetic experience in contemporary context, so as to discuss the introvert meaning of life style.


1984年出生于成都,毕业于澳大利亚悉尼大学,获得建筑学本科及硕士学位。 2013年创办左通右达建筑工作室,主持设计了包括雄安华润大学总部,W之家,Apartment 55, 犬之家等建筑和室内改造项目,并于2015,2017,2019年连续获选“安邸100”榜单。王旎致力于寻求东西方文明之间相互影响对于现代生活的启示,在当代语境下提取日常之美转化为通感体验,从而讨论生活方式的内向意义。

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